Take the ‘Workplace Conversations’ challenge!

Craft your words to handle numerous workplace challenges.
No more procrastination. Adopt proven strategies and make them your own.

What is the ‘Workplace Conversations’ challenge?

The Workplace Conversations challenge is a 10-day program designed to incrementally improve how you feel about engaging with individuals, teams and meetings.
It will free up your thoughts and get you back to where you really need to focus your energy.


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Take the ‘Workplace Conversations’ challenge!

3.5 hours
of learning


3 Modules

10 Daily

In 3.5 hours you will learn…

How to handle everyday workplace conversations. You will have the language and scripts to adapt and make them your own. You will be able to:

  • Keep people focused
  • Keep meetings on purpose
  • Handle negative people
  • Handle past orientated people

You will explore what you react to and work on strategies for how to handle these situations moving forward. You will learn how to respond, versus react.

Bite-size challenges….

You are busy. Your day-to-day is crammed with meetings and deadlines.
That is why we have broken this course into bite-size lessons.

Each lesson can be completed between 10 to 30 minutes a day. You could disappear to your favourite coffee shop and complete a lesson before anyone knew you were gone.

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3 Modules…

We start with the self-reflection module. We can only switch off autopilot when we are aware of how we enter into and respond (or react) to situations. Then we can design new ways to engage.

We move onto the strategy module. Here you receive 4 lessons with 8 strategies to handle different day-to-day situations such as dealing with negative people and keeping people focused in meetings. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

We conclude the course with the implementation module. How are you going to implement the new skills you have? Then we develop a 21 day plan?

10 daily challenges

It is simple. 10 daily challenges delivered to your in-box. No need to log in or remember where you were at. You can tackle a challenge a day, or complete them when you are ready, remembering you only need between 10 to 30 minutes.

What others say about the
'Workplace Conversations' challenge.

Alan S.

“I have a clear understanding of the value I can bring to any employer, and a renewed confidence. I also have a clear understanding of the things I do, and don’t want to do in the future. This confidence and certainty, and the tools Tess has given me have made me vastly more capable in my work and personal life.”

Peter Sullivan

“I think for me the major benefit has been the opportunity to reflect on my personal style and the extent to which I am contributing to the breakdown in conversations.  Something I certainly don’t normally get sufficient time for.  I have now imposed a discipline of reviewing my day for 10 – 15 minutes in the morning using that Cohesive Conversations toolkit to see where and if something might be useful.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for me?

Communicating is something we do every day, so we often tend to think of it as a simple task, except when we encounter tricky conversation scenarios that challenge us.  This course equips you with easy, memorable tools to help you anticipate, prepare for and plan for everyday challenges. This ‘soft skill’ once mastered, becomes an asset to you, your team and organisation.

What if I skip a day?

You can pace yourself. So, you are in control of when you do the each lesson. We recommend you do the first 3 in sequence. After that you can do the next 4 in what ever order you want. So it does not really matter if you skip a day. If you want to learn techniques to keep meetings on point before dealing with negative people go for it. You can come back to the others when you are ready. They are delivered to your inbox for easy access. it might be easier if you set up a folder in your in-box so they’re easy to find later or save them out to a location you can easily go back to.

What if I can’t finish the challenge?

If you can’t finish the challenge I will be curious as to why. 

Are you too busy? Are you struggling to put aside the time for yourself and your personal development? For me when I do ‘something for me’ I know I need to lock away the time first thing in the morning or the demands of the day take over.

The good news is you will always have access to the challenge. So you can return to it when ever you are ready.

How do I get my certificate of completion?

It is simple, contact me at tess@1stcall.com.au and request your Certificate of Completion. I would love to hear from you and send you your certificate to add to your professional development file.

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