Are you:

✓ Wasting time

✓ Uncertain where to start

✓ Uncertain what to say and how to say it

✓ Anxious, nervous, scared

✓ Time poor

Tackle your conversation!

Do you want to:

✓ Clarify your thinking

✓ Craft your message

✓ Prepare and practice

✓ Get back on track

✓ Bring your best self to the table

Ready for change

Difficult Conversations we all have them. And if you are a manager, you have them more then most.

How do you want to feel when you’re in a difficult conversation?
You want to feel prepared, comfortable and in control.
You want to feel confident.


  • What to say and how to say it
  • When and where to say it
  • How to keep the conversation on track
  • How to bring our best self to the conversation
  • How to look after everybody’s reputation in the process

Your Confident Conversations Accelerator Course contains:

Mindset makeover – this module is all about getting your head right, right from the start

Figuring out what to say and how to say it – this module covers the purpose of the conversation, and your key messages; essential to keep you focused to deliver an efficient and clear message

Finally, we look at the tough stuff – here we explore techniques to manage people going off on tangents, and help you stay in control of the conversation.

Requirements for this course

You need to approach this course with a willingness to try new approaches to tackle your challenges. It is easy to say “they should not have done x” or “they just need to be respectful / listen / shut up” etc. And you may be right. However, that approach is not going to get you the outcomes you need.

If you want a different outcome you will need to be open to new ways of doing things.

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

One more thing, practice, practice practice!

We highly recommend you practice your opening sentence, and your key messages. So here are some tips for you:

  • Grab your phone and use your voice memo. It will feel strange at first, but do it a few times and you will be glad you did;
  • Practice with a buddy who will be honest with you and not get dragged into the issues, or;
  • Book a session with one of our confident conversations coaches

Additional ways to get engaged and learn…

  • Join our live Q&A sessions
  • Submit your questions and jump on our live Q&A sessions
  • Join our private facebook group, The Trouble with Talking
  • Be a part of a community that is focused on mastering their communication.
  • Learn from each other’s challenges
  • Share your successes…

Are you thinking that would be nice one day?

Turn one day into day one.

Free up your time or energy and so you can go back to being your most productive self.

Accelerator Course
A$97.00 (incl GST)

Fast-track preparing for your difficult conversation

Includes 7 Lessons covering:

  • Mindset makeover
  • Clarifying your purpose
  • Crafting your key messages
  • Managing tangents and distractions
Tess Brook

Accelerator Package
Course + Coaching

Helping you nail your conversation


  • The Confident Conversations Accelerator course
  • Coaching preparation
  • One-on-one coaching

Gain incredible feedback to nail your opening sentence, key messages and tackle what you are most concerned about and uncomfortable with.

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About the Instructor

Tess Brook

I’m Tess, and it’s my mission to turn you into a confident communicator and bring your best self to the table no matter what situation you find yourself in. These are skills take will last you a lifetime.

The biggest challenge as a manager is to master difficult conversations. If you can learn to confidently approach these conversations in a timely manner you will significantly reduce the stress and anxiety you go through each time you prepare.

I find it’s helpful to remember that typically I don’t like having these conversations and in reality, neither does the other person. We both have that in common. Usually post-conversation, there comes a sense of relief for both of us. The air is cleared and we have a shared understanding of what is expected moving forward. And we can get back to work. It is always my goal to be future orientated and to look after each other and both our reputations.

Here is a little about me…  I’m a PRINCE2 Practitioner, a gateway reviewer, and an APMG-International change practitioner. In my consulting work I have learnt that “what makes all the difference is the focus on communication”.

I am also a nationally accredited mediator and conflict coach. It is through this role that I first started helping individuals and teams conquer their communication demons to become successful communicators in even the most challenging of situations.

After doing this course, you will procrastinate less and take action more. I take a cohesive, structured and non-confrontational approach to help you get unity between your thoughts, words and feelings and turn these into positive action.

I love seeing people develop their skills to confidently handle whatever conversations they need to have and to be the best they can be.

If you’re up for the challenge (you’ve read this far so I’m betting you are) and want to create positive change for yourself and your organisation by becoming the best communicator you can be, then what are you waiting for?


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