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Need to have a difficult conversation soon and don’t have much time? Jump into the Confident Conversations Acceleratorcourse. A proven course that shows you how to prepare, practice and nail your challenging conversations.


ACCELERATOR PACKAGE (Course + Coaching Session)

Want to practice with a coach. Grab the Confident Conversations Accelerator Package (Accelerator course + Coaching session).


Sitting in another meeting that’s going off on a tangent? Want to get more out of your workday? In this course I’ll show you how to keep meetings on track, navigate naysayers and 6 other strategies for tackling those everyday workplace challenges.



Bill Eddy’s tips for shifting High Conflict People from blaming to problem solving  in 30 seconds.

Bill Eddy talks quick responses to High Conflict People.

Bill Eddy’s tips for Managing Narcissists and Other High Conflict People. You know the ones everything is everyone else’s fault.



Online courses

Make the shift from knowing “what to do” to knowing “how to do it”.

Our self-paced courses will help you build a deep understanding of what’s important and why. You’ll learn how to clearly see the critical conversational elements that require your attention and know exactly how to approach each new conversation.


Accelerate your professional development.

Progress is a word until you make it happen. My coaches will help you exponentially increase your potential by maintaining a beginners mindset and enhancing your natural talent. Explore one-on-one how to align your style to your desired outcomes and your learning to your career goals. We’ll work together to turn your professional development plan into your Career Roadmap.

Changent Mastermind

Become an agent of change.

Delivered over the course of a year, the Changent Mastermind Program is all about turning managers into leaders who can effectively build credibility within their organisations and successfully lead change.

Are you ready to be a change agent?